“Re-Wild” Your Spirit! with Skagit Guided Adventures

I am Stephanie Fernandez, experienced Adventure guide and proud owner of Skagit Guided Adventures.

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For the past 30 years I’ve enjoyed organizing and guiding all sorts of fun, safe and educational land and water-based Adventures throughout the US, Mexico and Canada. Read more.  I arrived in Washington State in 2010, explored extensively, and fell in love with the amazingly beautiful and diverse environments of Skagit County stretching from the Salish Sea through Skagit Valley to the North Cascades.


about skagit

Skagit (SKAD-jit) is the name of a group of Coast Salish Peoples who once thrived in NW Washington.  In Skagit County, the Skagit River runs through Skagit Valley emptying its waters into Skagit Bay.


In 2016, I decided to venture out on my own and launched Skagit Guided Adventures in order to share the natural beauty of this special place.  Since then, I’ve have the pleasure of Adventuring with over 500 people of all ages and from all the over the world: US, Mexico, Canada, Australia, Germany, India, Italy, China, UAE, Taiwan, Peru, Uruguay, France, Thailand, Puerto Rico, Netherlands, South Korea, England, Scotland, Philippines and Tasmania.

Skagit Guided Adventures, LLC is fully insured and permitted to operate in the North Cascades National Park, Mt. Baker-Snoqualmie National Forest and Washington State Parks.


I have chosen to specifically cater to solo travelers (because that is how I used to travel) and to very small groups of people (couples, families, friends, etc) of up to 5-6 Adventurers. This allows me to give you very personalized attention.  I can answer all your questions, help you with your travel plans, easily modify the itinerary to accommodate your particular interests and activity level.  And just as importantly, it allows us to minimize our impact on the environment.

We proudly follow the Leave No Trace code of outdoor ethics and practice Mindful Birding during all our Adventures.



At Skagit Guided Adventures, we are passionate about the preservation of wild spaces for their entire communities of plants and animals to thrive in, as well as for present and future generations of humans to enjoy. We are also strong believers in preserving farmlands for farmers to continue making a living and producing food for the rest of the world, as well as for the thousands of migratory geese, swans and many other species of birds.

Every year, Skagit Guided Adventures donates a portion of its proceeds to support the important conservation efforts by our local non-profit organizations in Skagit and San Juan Counties.


skagit audubon society

northwest swan conservation association             

san juan preservation trust

skagit land trust