Your safety is our #1 concern, which means that our guide is constantly assessing the surroundings, the terrain, the weather, and everyone’s well being in order to avoid compromising the Adventure.  However, we cannot foresee the onset of a participant’s medical condition, nor can we predict any potentially hazardous conditions that may develop suddenly and affect anyone or the group.  What you can do on your behalf is to consider your health and fitness level for the activity you will be engaging in.

Please print, read, sign and bring with you the waiver and form listed below for your chosen Adventure.  Adults in the same party can sign on one waiver.  Parents of minors (17 & under) must complete the Minor waiver. Youth under the age of 18 must be accompanied by a parent or guardian at all times.

Skagit Valley Tulips & Daffodils Tour, Skagit Valley Geese & Swans Eco Tour, Skagit Birding Eco Tour, Skagit Eagles Winter Eco Tour, Anacortes “Wild Side” Eco Tour & Guided Hikes, and Vendovi Island Preserve.


Mount Baker Day Tour, North Cascades National Park Day Tour

Risk AcknowledgementWaiverWaiver-MinorMedical

North Cascades Guided Hikes & Snowshoeing, Chasing Wildflowers & Fall in the North Cascades, Hike n’ Cruise to Cypress Island

Risk AcknowledgementHiking/Snowshoeing WaiverHiking/Snowshoeing Waiver-MinorMedical