Skagit (SKAD-jit) is the name of a group of Coast Salish Peoples who once thrived in northwestern Washington.  In Skagit County, the Skagit River runs through Skagit Valley emptying its waters into Skagit Bay.  It stretches from the Salish Sea & San Juan Islands, through Skagit Valley, to the North Cascades.

What should I wear and bring?

snacks or lunch according to length of Adventure
comfortable walking or tennis shoes
sturdy hiking boots & backpack, if hiking
sturdy and warm winter hiking boots, if snowshoeing
synthetic, moisture-wicking layers (not cotton or jeans) and full rain gear (certain times) of year, if hiking or snowshoeing
scent-free sunscreen (otherwise provided)
natural bug repellent (otherwise provided)
completed/signed forms & waivers
medical insurance card
cell phone
binoculars, if birdwatching
passport, if you are not from the USA

How do I get to your area?

All Adventures begin in Skagit, about 1.5 hrs north of Seattle.  Pickup areas include Anacortes, La Conner, Mount Vernon and Burlington for all tours except the birding cruises.  Following are all the different options to get to our area.


Driving from Seattle to Anacortes: I5 – Exit 230 – SR20 West – Anacortes.

Driving from Seattle to Mount Vernon Amtrak station: I5 – Exit 226.

Public transportation options from Seattle, Vancouver, Bellingham or the San Juan Islands to Mount Vernon, Burlington or Anacortes:

Amtrak Cascades train/bus reservations to Mount Vernon Amtrak station from Seattle and Bellingham

Airporter Shuttle to Burlington or Anacortes

Greyhound to the Mount Vernon Amtrak station

Ferry to Anacortes

Sound Transit Express Routes 510 or 512 from Seattle to Everett connecting with Skagit Transit to the Mount Vernon Amtrak station

Skagit Transit Route 90X to Mount Vernon Amtrak station from/to Everett

Skagit Transit Route 80X to Mount Vernon Amtrak station from/to Bellingham


RISK OF DELAY: A risk of delay when taking public transportation (bus, train or ferry)  could result in shortening the time of your Adventure.  Our guide will make an effort to compensate for your delay without compromising the time frame for other parties attending the same Adventure.

Where can I get picked up & dropped off?

Free pick-up & drop-off locations: Anacortes, La Conner, Burlington and Mount Vernon.

Who will my Adventure Guide be?

STEPHANIE FERNANDEZ – over 30 years experience safely guiding Adventures in Nature.  Read more about her.

Why a small group size?

A Very Small group, of up to 5- 6 Adventurers, gives you a more intimate connection with nature, a more personalized service from your Adventure Guide, flexibility to modify the itinerary to accommodate your particular interests, and minimizes your impact on the environment.

What type of vehicle will I be riding in?

A clean and comfortable Toyota minivan, co-piloted by Sebastian, the (not real) hedgehog.

What’s the weather like?

In general:

Spring: 40s-50s, intermittent rain and wind
Summer: 60s-80s, occasional or no rain
Fall: 40s-50s, intermittent rain, snow possible at higher elevations
Winter: 30s-40s (occasional 20s), intermittent rain, wind and occasional snow at lower elevations

Call/email us to get an updated weather forecast for your Adventure area.

What will I learn?

Subject matters include: the natural & cultural history, geology, marine and terrestrial habitats, flora and fauna, and the “nowadays ways of life” of NW Washington depending on the Adventure and your curiosity.

What is your booking policy?

Adventures are booked on a first come first served basis.  If you don’t see your Adventure listed on a particular day, check for alternate dates in the Calendar, give us a call at (360) 474-7479 or email us.

What is your cancellation & refund policy?

Skagit Guided Adventures reserves the right to update these policies at any time and without prior notice.

Rescheduling or cancelling an Adventure at any time for any reason incurs a $23 fee per person/seat. 

Rescheduling an Adventure is based upon availability, subject to respective charges below and price adjustment if opting for an different Adventure or a later date.

Tours cancelled or rescheduled by guests within

  • 2 days or no show: will forfeit 100%
  • 7 days: will be refunded 50% – cancellation/rescheduling fee
  • 8 days or longer: will be refunded 100% – cancellation/rescheduling fee

Purchasing travel insurance, including Cancel for No Reason, is highly recommended to offset penalties incurred by unforeseen circumstances.

If Skagit Guided Adventures is forced to cancel your tour, you’ll be offered the option to cancel, reschedule or gift your tour to someone for use within 1 year of the tour date, without incurring additional fees.  Only when an extraordinary or unforeseen “force majeure” event outside of the company’s control (such as war, strike, riot, crime, epidemic, pandemic, earthquake, etc) affecting both parties, will the cancellation fee of $23 apply.

Skagit Guided Adventures reserves the right to substitute, modify or terminate the tour without a refund if weather or other unforeseen circumstances compromise the safety of the group while on tour.

Can I charter an Adventure?

Yes, please contact me.

Do you offer Guided Adventures in any other language?

Yes, all Adventures can be guided in Spanish. Hablo Espanol!

How can I explore Mt Rainier and Olympic National Parks?

I recommend these two small group Nature tour companies owned and led by equally passionate and experienced woman guides:

Mount Rainier National Park

Olympic National Park