Activity level: easy

skagit valley geese swans tour

The Skagit Valley Geese & Swans Eco Tour takes you in search of the thousands of snow geese & smaller flocks of tundra and trumpeter swans that overwinter in the farm fields, bays and lakes of Skagit Valley.  Be prepared to listen to the cackling cacophony produced by the highly gregarious geese and the unmistakable honking of the swans.

You’ll learn about:

  • identification of geese, trumpeter and tundra swans
  • migration and why they overwinter here
  • reproduction and raising their young
  • diets
  • population status
  • environmental and anthropogenic threats
  • research and conservation efforts
  • impacts on farmland

We’ll be on the lookout for bald eagles (and their nests), hawks, ducks and herons as well.

Stunning backdrops of farm fields, historical barns, clouds, the North Cascades foothills and Mount Baker will frame your photos!  And for the last two weeks in March, bright yellow daffodil fields will “Color Your Spirit!”

Don’t let our (often-times) crisp and wet winter days deter your enthusiasm for joining this Adventure…  Much of the birding can be done from the car to keep you warm.  Nonetheless, warm clothing (including underlayers, gloves and hat) and rain gear are highly recommended.

Loaner binoculars are always available if you don’t have your own or want to try different ones.

Interested in looking for more birds?  Opt for the 7-hr Skagit Birding Eco Tour. It includes  searching for geese, swans, seabirds, sea ducks, shorebirds, raptors, owls and waterfowl in nearby bays and the Salish Sea coast.


9:30 am – 12:30 pm

1:30 – 4:30 pm

$80 Adult

$40 Child (10 & under)


Backed by 30 years of safely guiding Adventures!

Included: binoculars

Not included: lunch, taxes & fees, and gratuity

Very Small group size: 1-5 Adventurers

Pick-up & drop-off locations: Mount Vernon Amtrak train & bus Station, Anacortes Ferry, hotels, motels, B&Bs, AirBnBs, marinas, residences & Airporter Shuttle locations in Anacortes, La Conner, Burlington & Mount Vernon.

FAQs: Booking policy  |  How do I get to your area?  |  Where can I stay? | What should I wear and bring?  |  Safety & Forms


“I truly loved the Skagit Valley Geese & Swans Eco Tour with Stephanie. I learned a lot from her, not only about geese and swans but about many other local birds as well. We went to a few locations and were very excited to see a blizzard of snow geese! The trumpeter swans flew right by us and we passed many bald eagles in the trees along the way. It was great that she had binoculars for me to use and even had gloves for warmth since it was cold out. It was a really enjoyable afternoon and the best birding tour I’ve ever experienced.”  Lely, Washington

“Truly a magical day. Stephanie went out of her way to find birds for my tour. She’d done lots of advance planning for the best chances of spotting elusive birds. I could not have asked for a better day.” Jennifer, Washington

“We went looking for snow geese and swans that migrate to the Skagit Valley in winter. Steph really delivered – we saw several fields of trumpeter swans and snow geese and even a couple of cackling geese. We also saw lots of bald eagles including an active nest. Very helpful and accommodating person.” RK B, California

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