North Cascades National Park Day Tour Itinerary

North Cascades National Park Day Tour Itinerary “Re-Wild” your Spirit! in the northernmost National Park in the US.  Skagit Guided Adventures small group North Cascades National Park Day Tour Itinerary takes into the heart of the park to experience its protected wilderness and majestic landscape! Established in 1968, it encompasses 504,781 acres (2,042.78 km2) of pristine mountains,…

Skagit Brew Tour

Great beer is in our dirt! The fertile soils of Skagit Valley (rated in the top 2% in the world) produce exquisite varieties of wheat and barley which are then malted and brewed locally. Nine breweries offer an incredible variety of traditional and innovative Ales, Lagers, IPAs, ciders and root beer at their brewpubs, taprooms and restaurants.

Skagit Birdwatching Eco Tour

Fall through Spring, the Salish Sea is home to murrelets, scoters, buffleheads, goldeneyes, harlequins, mergansers, loons and grebes.  Beaches and bay shores harbor dunlins, sandpipers, sanderlings, plovers, killdeers and turnstones.  Shallow waters provide habitat to wigeons, mallards, pintails, teals, shovelers, gadwalls and scaups.  These birds (and more!) add a potpourri of diversity to the resident oystercatchers, kingfishers, gulls, pigeon guillemots, cormorants, great blue herons and bald eagles. Skagit Valley farmfields support very healthy populations of geese, swans, falcons, hawks, owls and open field species.

Hiking in the North Cascades

Experience the wilderness around Anacortes and Fidalgo Island, at the edge of the Salish Sea, or high around Mount Baker and the North Cascades! Enjoy all the Pacific Northwest seasons exploring its many trails, high and low. Spring and Summer fill the forest and mountain meadows with wildflowers. Later, entire mountainsides and river edges are painted in Fall colors!

North Cascades Wildflower Tours & Hikes

NORTH CASCADES WILDFLOWER TOURS & HIKES Ideal for the wildflower enthusiast! Skagit Guided Adventures offers small group Wildflower Tours & Hikes in the North Cascades to “Re-Wild” the Spirit! North Cascades Wildflowers come to life in colorful displays every Spring.  Early bloomers in the PNW lowland rainforest are the wild gingers, coral roots and calypso orchids. Violets, goldthreads, trilliums, buttercups, salmonberries, bleeding hearts, marigolds, skunk cabbage…

Baker Lake Guided Day Hike

Baker Lake Guided Day Hike Experience the wilderness of the North Cascades mountains & rainforest!  Join Skagit Guided Adventures small group Baker Lake Guided Day Hike in the North Cascades, Washington. Baker Lake Trail is an easy, low elevation trail for everyone to enjoy! Follow alongside Baker Lake as you weave through groves of huge cedar, firs, hemlocks & maples.  Sword…

Mount Baker Wildflowers Tour & Hike

MOUNT BAKER WILDFLOWERS TOUR & HIKE Skagit Guided Adventures offers small group tours & hikes for the wildflower enthusiast. They promise to color your spirit! Mount Baker Wildflowers explode in colorful displays every summer, especially in the sub-alpine and alpine meadows. The array of colors is phenomenal, with all shades of reds, oranges, yellows, greens, whites, pinks, purples…